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Water Balloon Alternatives

  Did you know that balloons are the biggest source of trash ending up in our oceans which in turn is killing our beloved sea turtles? Sea turtles eat jelly fish as their main food source and guess what balloons look like? Yep jelly fish. :(  Time for a safe alternative for the backyard water balloon fights. Peeps...I am in LOVE with these crochet water balloons. They are so darn cute and trust me when I say they get you just as wet as regular water balloons (just ask my husband). I'm SO excited to be able to offer this product to you with FREE SHIPPING. My friend Tanya over at Minny Arrows is absolutely amazing and does beautiful work!...

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Household Cleaners and Chemicals

Did you know there aren't any SAFETY STANDARDS required for companies that are putting their cleaning products on your store shelves??  Sorry the deal is expired but I still recommend the Norwex products. :) Check out this short article on household cleaners! Household Cleaners:

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Baby Wipes & Using the EWG App

Baby Wipes & the EWG App Join me and my dark circles as I talk about what to look for in baby wipes packaging and how the EWG (Environmental Working Group) App, can help you when looking at products. I've attached some additional links for you to check out! Environmental Working Group: EWG App: Mommypotamus on Grapefruit Seed Extract:    

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Traditional Cotton vs. Organic Cotton

Traditional Cotton vs Organic Cotton So what's the difference between organic cotton and regular cotton anyways? Watch this short video to find out and then read more at this link:  Traditional vs. Organic Cotton:   

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